segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 - Soundtrack

The project is still untitled, but it already has a soundtrack. I've had to take a few breaks to figure out what happens next and I used some of the time to make a selection of songs.

How Am I Different - Aimee Mann
Dark Side of Me - Alannah Myles
Livin' on a Memory - Alannah Myles
In Debt to The Heart - Born In The Flood
Don't Need the Sunshine - Catatonia
What Makes a Man? - City and Colour
Quiet in My Town - Civil Twilight
My Lover's Gone - Dido
Burning My Soul - Dream Theater
Strange - The Feeling
Trust Me - The Fray
Off I Go - Greg Laswell
On The Sunny Side of the Street - Louis Armstrong
Goodbye Apathy - OneRepublic
Come Home - OneRepublic
Misguided Ghosts - paramore
Building a Mistery - Sarah MacLachlan
Into The Fire - Sarah MacLachlan
In My Head - Until June
Flowers For a Ghost - Thriving Ivory

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