sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Plans for 2010

2009 wasn't a very productive year writing-wise, I was pretty much all over the place: worked on a lot of projects, made little progress on most of them. I'll need more structure for 2010.

1. Write a minimum of 25 days per month
2. Chant daimoku or do gongyo twice a day
3. Exercise regularly (and that doesn't mean twice a year! )
4. Eat better


1. Complete Coração de Lobo and send it to my publisher (deadline: end of March)
2. Complete Black Box and submit it to Scriptapalooza TV (deadline: April 15th)
3. Complete at least one other project
4. Do a SAD challenge
5. Update blog twice a month

1. Lose 15 Kg
2. Get one item from my Things To Learn list done

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